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Let me be the one

Give me the tools
And I’ll work seven wonders
I’ll break the rules
And steal your thunder
I won’t let nothing come between Me and you

Show me a spark
And I’ll blow all your fuses
I will rescue your heart
When love makes its excuses
Cause no one’s going to stop me From getting through

When you feel you’re being pushed
Against a tidal wave
choices being rushed
and can’t be saved
Let me be the one to pull you away

When you’re feeling lost
inside a maze
every bridge you want to cross
have all been raised
Let me be the one To guide the way

Drop me a line
And I’ll sail an ocean
Just to reach you inside
And show all of my devotion
Cause nothing’s going to stand In my way

Shout out my name
From the highest peak
I will move a mountain
Just to hear you speak
No one’s going to turn me back Come what may

Cause when you feel you’re being lead
Down the blackest hole
And the flame is going out
Inside your soul
Let me be the one to light the way

And when feel you’ve drawn
the shortest straw
everyone of your feelings
strewn across the floor
Let me be the one To come and make your day

I just need to tell you
I won’t be a stranger
There will be no danger
Of running out on you

I just want to tell you
I won’t go hiding
I want to keep on sliding
Right back to you

Ian Clark · 1307 days ago
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10.31.2019 (1307 days ago)
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Let me be the one