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Let Me Go

Verse 1

I'm just a bug, caught in your web

As endless thoughts of you swirl in my head

Wrapping me up and pulling me in

To the place I swore

I wouldn't go to again


Let me go

Let me gooo

But that's not how our story ends

Verse 2

It's Tuesday again and I'm without sleep

Wondering if you're ever thinking of me

I pace back and forth, as I sigh again

Wondering if the idea of fate is a sham

And how I managed to lose you again

Chorus 2

Let me go

Let me gooo

Please let me

Please let me

Please let me go

Verse 3

Friday rolls around and today I can't eat

Cause my stomach decides to make butterflies

Just like when we first met

And I'll try once more, then just delete

Before clicking send

Reminding myself

That my heart's on the mend

Chorus 3

Just let me

Just let me


Please let me

Please let me

Please let me gooo

Tate-Madison Bell · 345 days ago
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Let Me Go