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Let It All Out

My thoughts are broken
as I stare to the ground
your lips keep moving
but I can't hear a sound

your stare is freezing
as my mind tries to escape
I'm barely breathing
has anything changed

You fade away
as I rise up from the ground
just let it all out
as I turn away
when it all comes crashing down
Just let it all out

You kept your secrets
but I kept my pride
you built up your walls
and pushed me aside

I take the pieces
that you left behind
Our memories
they leave me blind


I know there's no coming back
All the disappointment
fills up my mind it fills up my mind
There's no point in holding back
all that's left is to
let it all out, just let it all out
Why did you wait so long
what were you running from
Now, that it all


Kyle Dean · 2069 days ago
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Let It All Out