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Legend Of Arthur

Legend of Arthur

Legend of Arthur

Knights of the round table.

Sir Lancelot and king Arthur

Men of courage men of war.

King Arthur's highest order of knights.

That's the legend of Arthur.

Legend of Arthur.

Sir Lancelot Arthur's chosen.

Man of strength a great giant slayer.

Raised by the lady of the lake.

His biggest mistake falling in love

With arthurs' wife...

Legend of Arthur

King warrior of Camelot.

King Arthur the blessed one....

He is king of the Britons.

Merlin the magician his best friend

Hail king Arthur

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11:30 P.M. All Rights Reserved

Larry Gordon Killam (SOCAN/ASCAP)

(;Yrral MallikWink

Larry Killam · 1241 days ago
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Legend Of Arthur