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3.) Left Behind

I don't wanna leave but I can't stay here long
I've got selfish needs who don't care what I want
I guess I'll leave here
Why am I leaving you behind?
Why do I kill two hearts of mine?
It's not the same
We grew apart and I'm the blame
I know you're lost right now...
Forgive me for, I love you more
And I am always there
Just wait for me
Please wait for me
Please don't be hurt
I'm sorry that I let you down
You let me down
With you, I'm lost without you
Without you, I can't pretend to be happy
I guess I'm meant to be lonely
I want to know
After so damn long, is this a joke?
I can't believe in you
I hope you like his hands
I hope you love him and understand how I felt for you
How do you live with no emotion?
All the way from space, you dropped me in the ocean
But I'll find my way back to the shore
Cause I know back home there's always more than you

Andrew Howard · 2175 days ago
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3.) Left Behind