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Last First Date/When I Fell in Love With You

I’m picking up the flowers that you like

From the local corner booth

I’m walking up towards your front drive

Tryna’ play it all smooth

I’ve been rehearsing what I could say

To make you fall in love

I’ve been spending months tryna’ plan this day

For me and you


I was so nervous when I walked up to your door

The smile you gave made me want you more


(My heart started pounding when I saw you standing there

Looking beautiful as ever in that dress you wear

The sexy in your eyes couldn’t have been more clear

That you’re the one, baby could you be my last first date

Could you be my last first date) (New CH)

Could you be my last first date

Baby, do you believe in faith

It’s all about that moment when I knew

The moment when I feel in love with you(?)


They say that we’re too young to understand

What love really is

They say I’m diving into this all without a plan

I won’t have any regrets


I was so nervous that you would see through

That everything I do, I do them all for you


Could I be the one who makes you laugh

Be the one that makes you smile

Am I the one you think about

Cause lately you’ve been on my mind

Luke Armstrong · 1078 days ago
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Last First Date/When I Fell in Love With You