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Knock Knock


Knock Knock
Who’s there?
I don’t care
Knock Knock
Who’s there
I don’t care

That what I tell myself in a crowded waiting room
A check up a check in a to see how the HIV been
You might be ignoring the sound of your own Knock Knock
Climbing out the window running up the block
Running often to leads to fatalities if you catch it early it’s a minor technicality

Knock Knock
I don’t care
Knock Knock
I don’t care

Then one day the knocks just stop coming
Your front door is blown in
The roof has caved in
Your floors are warped and your walls all are buckling
Foundation struggling to maintain a place of sanity
Away from the casualties it continues to claim
Men of color in particular is it’s type
So are Trans folk lets shed some light

If you feel like your life doesn’t really matter
That’s a lie
Loving yourself again is worth the try
My journey has taken some time
But it was needed to realign

So if you ever need a door to knock on
I’m pretty hard to miss my light is always on
You can ask me what you want I'll tell you what I know

Raheem Steward · 809 days ago
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Knock Knock