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Just friends

We're just friends,
We've been this way for years
But what if I told you I laid down each night holding my pillow tight,praying for the day you'd see I'm not like them,
Hoping for just one chance to show you real love.
I drown myself in music, work, life, as you drink yourself away,
Friends their always here with a shoulder, a hug, an ear, but my heart breaks knowin your not happy.
My days come an go so slow each min feels like hours,
but when I'm with you it's like time flys, each hour feels like seconds, my heart beats faster at the sound of your voice.
We're just friends that's all we'll ever be because I can't bare to ask you if you love me the way I love you.
God knows I'd give anything to make it right but I just smile an say hey boo.
Yeah that's my best friend forever an always.

Crystal Flahardy · 1868 days ago
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04.18.2018 (1868 days ago)
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Just friends