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Jesus is a Friend

Jesus is a friend of mine 

I call Him every day.

He will always listen to 

What I have to say.

He’s always there to pick me up 

And catch me when I fall,

Best of all, I can call Him any time at all.


He is my God of blessings

He fills me with His peace

He is my God of mercy

My trust and joy increase

When thoughts get tied in knots

And desires come undone

He remains my confidence

The rock I rest upon.


I pray the Great I Am

Who evermore shall be

The solid ground I stand upon

He built for you and me.

Though the winds pick up and swell

This ride I enjoy the most.

I’m soaring toward salvation

On the wings of the Holy Ghost.


Dutch Knickerbocker · 391 days ago
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Jesus is a Friend