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It would be a crime

It would be a crime
Not to pay you
All of the attention you deserve

It would be a crime
Not to endorse
The true extent of your worth

It would be a crime
Not to bestow
The respect that you crave

It would be a crime
Not to hold you
In a spotlight on the highest stage

Cause the thought of you
Sends me a shiver
Only you can deliver
What I am looking for

when I look at you
I lose my trail of thought
I can’t concentrate
Nothing seems to work
You can reel me in

The way you look
and The way you dress
Distracts me from all my lonliness
Nothing makes much sense

Holding me in the palm of your hand
With just one look
My mind goes blank
You’ve got me on the hook

My knees go weak
When you are near
Every care in the world
Seems to disappear

You know what you’ve got
And you know what you need
Its only a matter of time
When you put me out of my misery

Ian Clark · 1305 days ago
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11.02.2019 (1305 days ago)
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It would be a crime