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Ever since you said goodbye,
Days are so hard to pass by.
Calamity makes me remind of you,
Can only think of the days spent with you.

My heart is restless.
Can’t stop to hope and remember
All the past images keep on appearing,
Only making me want to go back in time.

Walking on the street,
Seeing all the busy people,
Only makes me feel heavy
And empty.

Already used to it,
One single call
Makes me recall the past
And give me more hope.

Thinking of our time,
Only make me laugh and hate.
Ever since you came into my life,
You only make me hope for more.

Hoping every day
Remembering every day
Let me unconsciously remember
The time we spent together

You are not here
But your single call
Makes my heart restless
And my heart empty

Thinking of you
Only makes me want to be a fish
Where I can forget everything
But I’m not, I can’t forget

I’m not a fish.
I can’t forget my loved ones
Can’t erase my memories, my pain
As well as the though of thinking of you.

Chia-Pei Guan · 2030 days ago
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