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Innocence Met Guilty

Innocence Met Guilty

Innocence met guilty
On the road of life one day
But one of them were changed
Before they went their ways
Something horrible happened
Something dreadful came
For innocence lost her purity
And walked away lame

Does this bring a remembrance?
Does it break your heart?
Do you recall when you met sin
And your light went dark?
Well innocence can come again
If you will only pray!
For Christ will forgive your sin
If you'll call on Him today!

Innocence met Guilty
But, Jesus took control
For He brought His own blood
And washed and made us whole!
He is the reason that we can shout and sing
And He can make all things new
Yes, He can make all things new
He will make all things new
When you call on His name!

(Repeat chorus 2X)

Stan Simons
(c) 2018

Stan Simons · 907 days ago
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Innocence Met Guilty