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Incandescent Flame

When there’s nothing to lose, but everything to gain
A journey moving forward, never the same again
To look beyond the shadows, towards a ray of light
Just embrace the midnight, the stars come out at night

Verse 1
There’s nothing to prove, follow authenticity
Surrender the complex, focus with simplicity
Keep that flame burning, resplendence of desire
There’s no better time, to keep on aiming higher

A mighty momentous move, just stay in your lane
Be that inspiration, that incandescent flame
A call for boldness, times will ever test
Called and chosen, give your very best

Verse 2
A subtle reaction, rise against the fall
The true satisfaction, the giving of your all
Advancing in harmony, this moment truly yours
An opportune time, the opening of doors


No substance lost, endeavour to try
Seize every moment, remember the why
Towards the exceptional, no middle road
Be unforgettable, let victory unfold

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

Geraldine Taylor · 1788 days ago
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Incandescent Flame