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In tune with love

I’ve been out of action for too long
Too many distractions going wrong
Strolling down a one way track
Never thought of looking back
To see what was really going on

I’ve been on a roll while standing still
Watched my life unfold with time to kill
Holding out for something more
Clutching onto different straws
But nothing ever seemed to fit the bill

Until one day I turned the corner
I knew I was getting warmer
When i saw the smile painted on your face

My heart started beating faster
There you were with all the answers
I knew I was in the right time and place

like two stars coming together
In the sky above
We only had time for each other
From midnight to noon
we were in tune with love

like two waves crashing together
In a sea of push and shove
Holding onto one another
Like the sun has the moon
We were in tune with love

You came and rescued me
When I was down and out
Now I’m floating high
on a distant cloud

And I’ve got to tell you
I’m never coming down

You came and read the signs
The right way round
Now I can touch the sky
With my feet on the ground

And I’ve got to tell you
There’s no coming down

You found the place
I needed to go
A way to escape
From the same old show

You lifted me up
to the highest cloud
brought me back
from the lost and found
Where have I been
all of my life
My heart is wide open
My eyes open wide

I’m seeing things
in a different light
you block out the shadows
and make everything shine

Ian Clark · 936 days ago
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11.02.2019 (936 days ago)
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In tune with love