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In a Pickup Truck


I was sitting in my pickup truck,
When my baby called to say,
Hey, hey, hey,
She was on her merry way.

My heart was a-poundin’,
In the third degree,
I hadn’t seen my baby,
Since she moved to Tennessee.

With her looks and her actions,
She’s the main attraction.
But I had to dig a little deeper,
To find she’s a keeper.

She was yellin’ out the window,
Of her Ford one-fifty.
Came damn near hittin’, an old chestnut tree.
That girl will always be---my sweet Georgia peach.

She had the cows a- lookin’.
The horses they were a-spookin’.
The roosters stopped crowin’,
And the red Georgia cloud--- kept a- growin’.

Hey, hey, hey,
She was born that way.
That red Georgia clay,
Is in her heart to stay.

Now that red Georgia dust,
It’ll get in a country girl’s hair,
And turn a blonde into---
Hell, country boys don’t care!

It’ll get in a country boy‘s nose,
We know where that goes.
Hey, hey, hey,
Country girls will tak’m anyway!

Our condition made no difference,
Cause kissin’ was the mission.
Yes, kissin’ was the mission,
At the end of the lane.

When love comes a-callin’,
Even after they’ve fallen,
There ain’t no stoppin’,
Young lovers – – – in a pickup truck.

Ain’t goin’ into particulars.
Ain’t none of your business.
But there was more than kissin’,
In that pickup truck!

Now, I ain’t Adam,
And my baby ain’t Eve.
Just a red-necked couple,
Doin’ what we pleased.

Two lovers on a mission,
In the pick up truck!
There was more than kissln’,
In a pickup truck.

Georgia smiled all day,
On her red Georgia clay.
Love came a- callin’,
And the cloud went away.

Two hearts came together,
In a pickup truck.
And there ain’t no stoppin’,
Young lovers – – – in a pickup truck.

Now some folks may say,
That picked up truck stuff ain’t okay.
Love’s much, much better,
In a swanky hotel.

Hey, hey, hey,
Why would they say that?
Bet they ain’t made hay,
In a pickup truck!

Makin’ hay, makin’ hay,
Your a little more country,
If you’ve pitched a little hay,
In a pickup truck.

The rooster started crowin’,
And the cows turn their heads.
Two lovers makin’ hay,
In a pickup truck.

You say you ain’t never ridden,
In a pickup truck?
Well, come down my lane,
And we’ll kick a little dust.

I’ll give you a ride,
You won’t soon forget.
A whole lotta fun,
In a pickup truck.

In a pickup truck.
In a pickup truck.
A whole lot of fun,
In a pickup truck.

John Stuchell · 283 days ago
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In a Pickup Truck