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I know its hard to see what I see
reaching out to no one wondering where I will be
10 years from now will I be on the ground
or will I be on stage performing my lyrics that will be sound.
will the world become a better place 50 years from now?
will jobs become vacant and no more racial attacks to be announced?
will guns stop shooting from all over the world
and will men hold woman and say that's my girl
or how about the NSPCC becoming non existent
because abuse to young people is not inhabitant
imagine the RSPCA not needing the adverts
and the world free from all the emotional hurt.
the sun rises early each and every morning
kids climbing trees
no phones of the Pokémon hunting.
nights draw in, stars above our heads
family meals at a table thanking the lord another day fed
expecting the worst but good is a bonus
loving one another and the ones that have birthed us.
social media is a thing of the past
socialising now is abit of a task
but what if we knew no different than to do that
to sign of a letter and wait for the dispatch.
if we didn't have advantage of the NHS
how many of us would need advice for things far fetch
if there wasn't awareness for the worlds pollution
and religion doesn't exist its everyone's individual revolution.
money grew on trees so everything was free
would we still be happy in a world with no fees?
suicide isn't a word for us to know
alienation was only deprivation from your phone
everyone had someone they can call mum
black or white, the only intelligence needed was a simple sum.
cancer was cured with one simple swing
of a magic wand, a simple word and fling.
death wasn't grievance but a celebration instead
for the reincarnation for those that are dead
ageing is beauty from your inner self
a way in which you lived your life in very good health
we live through generations of those we create
watching them grow in a world with no hate
expectations are now not known
instead encouragement is the only thing shown
makeup always warn to a very minimal
natural personalities, no such thing as criminals
or how about the right way is for homosexuals
and the rest of society has been intellectual
if everyone wore the same clothes every day
would we be treated fairly would we have an equal say?
what about if virgin, BT and sky meant there real terminology
no brags about pride.
the queen was an ordinary lady just like you and me
3 bed house, job and normal things to see
how clueless are we all to life itself?
my mind overrides me into a world of fantasies.
imagine if cats and dogs could talk
and we didn't need humans to teach us how to walk
or if the moon in the sky was the only light we could see
how would we cope, I'm guessing life would just proceed.
imagine if no one suffered cruelty
human or nature, we all lived in peace and harmony
if time stood still for one whole day
how would you live it, what would you change?
would you chase your dreams and see them through
or would you change the things that continuously hurt you?
999 wouldn't need to exist
because healing powers would be persist.
if we could bring back loved ones at any time
the feeling of that is my number one prime
we could dress like were going to meet our worst enemy
and funky clothes worn to every ceremony
what if every country merged into one
there would be no more time to be out run
now here's my prediction that I cant figure out
and ever knowing the truth is beyond reasonable doubt
so I've came to the conclusion for this very day
no matter what
where there's a will there's a way!
Leah Hill
leah hill · 2068 days ago
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