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I won't let you down until the next time

   I won’t let you down until the next time.

I won't let you down until the next time

Until my whole heart it beats for that someone new

And until then we will always be together

To love each other in the way that we still do

But if ever a new love she appears then it’s over

And until the next time I will step aside and set you free

But for now until who knows when we will be together once again

While still within my heart there is still just you and me.

Now this heart of mine it just beats for one but could so easily beat for another

For at any time there could appear a new love here at my side

And although its sure to hurt my first love when I finally set her free

I will be back to wipe those lonely tears from her eyes

For still within my heart and on my mind she's always there for one more time

Even though at any time now I could be loving that someone new

And although I really want to stay with one-there is always another to come along

And then once again I am doing all those things that I shouldn't do.

Rod Orchard · 1455 days ago
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I won't let you down until the next time