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I still remember what you told me now.

I still remember what you told me now.

I didn’t think I’d need to write it down.

“If you stay on this side of the tracks,

you’ll always have the right to stand your ground.”

In this good life you have a single voice.

Please use it well. Remember it’s a choice.

If it’s courage you lack, you know that I’ll have your back

So let us celebrate and rejoice!

I feel the joy you feel.

I feel your pain for real.

I’ll hold you up until you’re walking on your own.

I’m living proof that there’s a love for 


Tell me a story, Sing me a song, 

Don’t want the show to end.

Two curtain calls then back in our room.

Now the real acting begins.

Hidden away just like your whiskey bottles. 

Dusty and dry just like an old footlocker.

Battered and frayed and half forgotten.

Scent of old memories faintly rotten.

You turned your cheek, but turned my way. 

You let me hold your hand.

Along a path where memories fade, 

I became your man.

Thoughts return to how it’s always been.

It’s not too late. You can begin again.

The world outside better wait.

If not I’ll wait at the gate.

I’m always gonna be your one true friend.

Jason Ferguson · 261 days ago
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05.12.2020 (261 days ago)
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I still remember what you told me now.