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I'm no good for you

If I took my chance
I would blow you apart
I wouldn’t think twice
Or ask how you are
I knew what you were doing
When you played for my soul
I washed my hands of you when I let you go

I should have worked you out
Such A long time ago
when you got inside
How was I to know
Where you were going
Was the wrong place for me
You went and misplaced all your energy

You kept coming around
Like a rainy day
the shadow on my back
wouldn’t go away

I tried to shake you off
Like a common cold
But You’ve slid under my skin
Till my head explodes

Weve come too far down this road together
now only you and I
can make it better
cutting no slack
when we stuck like glue
weve got to break apart
Cause I know
I’m no good for you

We’ve got to sit down and rewrite the scrip
The pieces of our jigsaw
Were never meant to fit
rocking this boat
In a sea so blue
Lets go our separate way
Cause I know
Im no good for you

I couldn’t take it anymore
Something had to give
it was too far down the line
for me to forgive
the race that you started
had broken from the pack
the knife that you were twisting was in my back

I couldn’t close my eyes
Without seeing your face
The minute I try to breathe
You invade my space

The signs you gave
Took me a while to read
Now I’ve started running
At a different speed

don’t want to hear your excuses
rolling off your tounge
you’ve had every chance
underneath the sun

just take a hint or two
and take the last bus home
what more can I say
just go and leave me alone

Ian Clark · 331 days ago
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11.02.2019 (331 days ago)
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I'm no good for you