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I'm Down With You

My wallet's empty and my tools were stolen.

I found an apple so I'll eat this morning but honestly...

It's just another notch to carve on the wall.

I lie awake until I hear you talking'.

It's time to get on up and get out walking.

I feel a sudden urge to hug you 

and kiss your face. 

I'm down with you 

anytime of the day or night.

Can't stand to leave

Can't wait, to see you 

in the evening light..

I could never be so bad that you wouldn’t bring me back into view.

I'm down with you.

I want to pull you in and hear you moaning.

Look at your face and see the pleasure forming

Jason Ferguson · 132 days ago
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05.12.2020 (132 days ago)
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I'm Down With You