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I Trade My Time

I trade my time for endeavors

that are worth my while.

When my time is spent and gone

at least I’ll walk away in style.

I’ll tip my hat to you, my dear

always at my fingertips.

We’ll meet with Autumn in our hearts

and Hosanna on our lips.


When our times together near

the harboring of rest 

we have our sails furled and stayed, 

our anchors set to fall.

Welcome smiles invite tangled legs and arms at play.

Skin on skin as a couple has been

the most memorable trip of all.


I love when those days call on me

to wish a bonne sante

I love so much when you would come

and leave me enchantee.

I’ll tip my hat to you, my dear

at my fingertips.

Forever Autumn in our hearts

and His Hosanna on our lips.


Dutch Knickerbocker · 391 days ago
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I Trade My Time