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I Ran Into a Snowman

I ran into a snowman who was standing in the shade.

When I turned to see what I had done,

Oh! What a mess I’d made.

His hat and nose and pipe were in a pile upon the ground

And the pair of coals that were his eyes

Were nowhere to be found.


I admit I didn’t look to see him standing there,

Now I’ve got snowman in my coat

And snowman in my hair.

I wish that I could put him back together like he was,

But all the snowballs that I make

End up as piles of fuzz.


How I miss you’ll never know, Mister Snowman!

I look out on the snow and I see no man.

If snowflakes dance, then snowmen might,

I’ve heard how snowmen play at night.

Come, from the crackling cold, beside my door.


Christmas morning blew right in

On such a wind that we could hear it.

You’d think the winter wind

Was sailing in on Christmas spirit!

Winter twirled her white baton

Never did it snow so long

As if the winds from all the world

Had landed in my yard!


When the snow subsided, I got up to take a look.

New snow gets me excited

Like I’m in a Christmas storybook.

As I cleaned the fog and squinted

Through the glass, was I surprised!

Looking back at me I saw

A pair of coal-black snowman eyes.


Mister Snowman! It’s so good of you to show!

I can call you Frosty, you were made from Christmas snow!

If I keep quiet, and I just might,

Can I come watch snowmen play tonight?

If snowmen build snow people I can be the first to know!


Dutch Knickerbocker · 391 days ago
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I Ran Into a Snowman