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I Lied

It was May of twenty eleven

Met a long haired boy 

Who made me believe in heaven 

Had a golden voice 

And an honest smile 

Made me forget about everything 

But just for a while 

Cause there was something I couldn’t escape 

Something tarnished my perfect dream scape 

Couldn’t let him know 

I lied

Told him I believed 

Told him we were the same 

Thinking maybe he could love me 

I cried 

Wondering every day 

Why I had to change who I was 

Just to make him feel the same way 

But I lied 

Two years later and who would have known 

That despite my greatest efforts 

My love for him had grown 

Then one day

My world was shaken

He was leaving for school 

And my heart was breakin’ 

But there was something I couldn’t tell

Something secret that only I knew all too well 

Couldn’t let them know 

I lied 

Said I’d be okay

Said I’d hardly even miss him 

The day he went away 

I cried 

Almost went insane 

Didn’t think I’d survive 

Thinkin’ about him on that plane

But I tried 

Another two years down the road

After all we had been through 

Finally his true colors showed 

The boy I thought I knew

Pushed me away 

Over God knows what reason

And there wasn’t much I could say 

So I lied 

Told them I was fine 

Told them I was over him 

Before he went and said goodbye 

I cried 

Can’t really tell them why 

It’s been six years and every day 

He’ll somehow cross my mind 

So I lie 

Morgan Harris · 147 days ago
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I Lied