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I Guess I'm Super HAPPY

All the Joy birds criticize, the glare and spite that fill my eyes

A constant haunting silhouette, sits patiently within the net

The backwards path that follows me, cannot fulfill, it cannot see

I'm just the way it has to be, I guess I'm super HAPPY

H is for Hopeless, I lost it all

A is for Anguished, I took a fall

P for Pathetic, it's in the brain

P is for Pitiful, just let it rain

Y is for Yearning, it just started burning,
I need to start learning to leave it alone.
Just leave it alone

Melancholy wretchedness aside, I'm inside out with arms unopened wide
Severing the space I have, I let my inner icebergs calve
Catastrophe has settled in, It's time for me to pull the pin
The suffering envelopes me, I guess I'm super HAPPY

H is for Heartbreak, it does not feel
A for Afflicted, but is it real?
P, I am Pained, but my mind is numb
P for so Piteous, play the drum
Y is for Yielding, my feelings are shielding,
the sword I am wielding is ready to melt
So ready to melt

Discomfort kicks out everything, I seldom hear the carolers sing
The lowly voices poking me, drown out the sun and reverie
Once I find a place that fits, the quicksand drops me to the pits
Eventually it grows on me, so I guess I'm super HAPPY

H is for Hurtful, I've reached my prime
A is for Abject, It's about that time
P is for Pointless, it will not end
P is for Poor but the scars don't mend
Y is for Yawning, the fury is spawning,
but my daze begins dawning, and becomes just a void
And so I'm just a void
Just a stupid black void

Brent Johnson · 643 days ago
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I Guess I'm Super HAPPY