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I Don't Mind

[Verse 1]
Waking up on Sunday
You're not next to me
So I walk down the stairs and find you
With pancake batter on your face
Never seen you look so sweet
You kiss me and now it's on mine too

[Hook 1]
But I don't mind waking up to the chaos
And I don't mind that the pancakes are burned
I don't mind what they say about us love
I know you're mine so all the bad shit won't hurt

[Verse 2]
Coming home on Monday
You know work has been a pain
I'm wallowing in misery
Turns out your day was much the same
But to me it's all okay
Now that I got you next to me

[Hook 2]
Cause I don't mind hearing stories bout your boss
And I don't mind if it's take out tonight
No I don't mind all the glorious choas
Because you're mine everything just feels right

[Verse 3]
Now it's our wedding day
I'm in a fancy suit
Watching you walk down the aisle
I've never felt this way
I've never felt as good
When you look up at me and smile

[Hook 3]
And I don't mind if you forget your vows babe
I don't mind all your chaotic efforts
I don't mind if there's tears rolling down my face
Cause you're mine and I can't wait for forever
Yeah you're mine and I'm yours
Oh we'll be happy together

Kozo Pinkwillow · 284 days ago
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  •  Austin Hunt: 
    i love this man. would love to get to work with on it!!
     262 days ago 
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I Don't Mind