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2.) Honestly
Oh your smile
I'm in need for your smile
I miss it everyday
And I get tired of playing your games, I don't know how to play
Now see I'm a boy
Don't see me as your toy
I'm hurting everyday
Never get tired of seeing your face, although you have me say
I'm lost
I'm dying soon
And I'm blue
I see your
Heart in my eyes
It's no surprise
Oh your love
I'm in deep with your love
It hits me everyday
And I'm so tired of this long wait, can't see you everyday
I wanna see
I know I'll be the one who loves just who you are
Now don't you see?
We're meant to be, it's simple
Anyone can see, that I'm growing
I'm wide awake but barely see myself reflowing
You wanna know?
You wanna hear the shit I've been through all my life?
You wanna help me?
Well listen baby
Just stick around
I'm glad you found a guy like me because I'm lost
Let's turn around
Don't make a sound
Let's just run away from here
We'll get away
Our future days
We'll watch the waves crash on the shore
No worries like before
I love you
Andrew Howard · 2237 days ago
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2.) Honestly