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His name

The day he gave me his name was the day I found happiness. As he laid beside me each night I could see my future so bright with him by my side. 
I may have carried his child but do I still hold his heart!?!
He says I'll always be the only one, but deep inside my heart I know, I know  there' something he hasn't told me. I know about her but I try to pretend she's nothing.
When I see him smile I tell my heart it's because he has me, I still dream of our future as well as our past.
He gave me his name and I carried his child but deep down I feel like I've lost him. He holds my heart, the key to my happiness, he makes me laugh and cry, I smile when I think of him, that smile, his voice and his laugh ooo the way he laughed, it was like music to my ears. I'll always love him but a part of me knows it's time to let go, mayb she will be everything I couldn't or maybe he will see I was all he needed, but until then I'll carry his name w a smile..

Crystal Flahardy · 886 days ago
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04.18.2018 (886 days ago)
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His name