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Here in the Future

As a whisper came across with a vision.
Influential with the thought of decision.
Life is light and energy is the flame.
Second thoughts and we're feeling the strain.

Now that we're here in the future.
Back in the day, could we have painted a picture?
If we had closed our eyes.
Here in the future, with no surprise.
Some of us have gone away.
Most of us are here to stay.
Here in the future, here today.

Now that we're looking at our sordid past.
We treat our own as if they're made of glass.
This isn't the key to our success.
This is a complicated mess.

Every window has a purpose in life.
Everyday has a night that proceeds.
Every thought has an impression to seek
Every strength has a side that is always weak.
(Chorus Repeat)

(c) 2006 Goodheart Songs

Bob Buoncuore · 1274 days ago
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Here in the Future