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Hell and back

When the world
Wants to run you down
grind you to a halt
ino the ground
The fingers start pointing
Like it’s all your fault

When the day
Wants to break you good
Cut you in half
like a piece of wood
You're in the deep end
Swimming with the sharks

you want to blend in
But soon fade to gray
To paint your life in white and black

you want to raise the roof
without saying a word
It’s like you’re running twice as hard
To hell and back

you turn and hide
Behind a big brick wall
To Try and Paper over the cracks

you hear the alarm
But never answer the call
It’s like you’re running twice as hard
To hell and back

When your eyes don’t see
What you want them to see
Like you’re staring out at an open sea

When your heart won’t feel
What you want it to feel
Like it's going round on a spinning wheel

Don’t let this mess of a world
Take a turn for the worst
And tie another knot inside

be true to yourself
let nobody else
Tell you what to decide

let your eyes Close
lay down all of your ghosts
that hide behind your smile

Go and reach out to those
That mean the most
To show that it's all worthwhile

Ian Clark · 330 days ago
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11.01.2019 (330 days ago)
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Hell and back