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Hear out

Hear out my heart

It is beating loud

Flying over the sky

And dancing on the cloud.

When you said, I love you

I felt something which is unknown

I dont  know what is this

Is this just an emotion

Or some kind of disease.

Making my heart a patient

Forcing me to remember you  day and night

My own heart is not with me

Now only you can help me. 

All I want is to be with you

Hold you tight and kiss you

If you are not with me 

My eyes cry badly for you.

I just dont know what is this

May be its just an emotion or some disease

Sometimes it put me in a pain

But most of time is a fun.

Hey baby, dont be mean 

Come closer and lean on me

So you can feel my heart beat

My love for for you is pure and neat.


saroj bhattarai · 418 days ago
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Hear out