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I resent the job centre for making me redundant
when I was 3 months pregnant with no way to fund em
I resent to the people
left on the streets where its cold and evil
my heart goes out to all those young mums
doing anything so she can feed her sons
all these kids being bought up on the streets
surrounded by knives and heroin needs.
I never forget the day I held my nans hand
watching her leave me for another fucking land.
friends waiting there at the pearly gates
I know your in a better place but my heart, it deflates.
If I could turn back time to my weakest moment
when my head was in my hands rocking inna basement
it would be the day they took my dignity
when I was pushed on a back seat
just a one man army.
my body went on complete shut down
as the dirty c**nts marked it a touch down!
I'm a fuckin mess mum only if you could see me now
my shit goes deeper than the lasses on sale now.
when they chucked me on the floor
head banging every inch of me sore
I looked up to the world
way beyond the stars
could there be another life for me on mars?!
just take me away from the routes of all evil
forgive my sins and all mistaken people
you shall not be envious of your neighbours goods
that's the one commandment I always understood
I aint never been the type to sit there and dwell
on all the things my friends had when I was turning twelve
nike creps, Adidas jeans
levi boxers, life of luxuries
that shit don't faze me, not at all
but watching mums say goodbye to there kids at school
ya see that shit really gets me emotional
because I don't know how it feels to be caught before I fall
I aint never been taught right to wrong
I just sit here defining it with the lyrics in my songs
nan told me we only regret the chances we didn't take
I only regret the times I got knocked down
letting my faith shake.
ya see nan is my number one, keeping me strong
had my back through everything even when I was wrong
wiped my tears and held me tight
whisper in my ear
girl you aint going down without a fight!
ya see that shit really cuts me deep
cos that shit makes me wanna fight to succeed
but how can I do that with you all on my back
I cant let her down, I'm having anxiety attacks
sitting here seeing her disappointed face
should have never came to this in the first place
if your born poor its not your mistake
but if you die poor, It is your mistake
those are the words from the mighty Bill Gates.
what a statement to sit there and understand
that's why I walk the streets giving my helping hand
cas ya never know what the future may hold
laid up on the streets facing the freezing cold
I love jamming with those people letting stories unfold
giving me some sort of feeling that they need my strong hold
let them know that they aint on there own
comfort there misery with my leading tone
its probably some kinda comfort just for me
that someone in this world appreciates happy poverty.
Leah Hill
leah hill · 2068 days ago
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