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Got Style Got Sass

Verse 1:

This one is so hot

It’s so hot

A forget me not

This one’s got more moves

Got glow grooves

And I tell you what



Got big fat style and I like it

It’s tactile and a tight fit

Get your groove on and move on

Get your go gone don’t fight it



Got style got sass

It’s cool as glass

Go wild reclassify your movie maker

Make this a cooler shaker

Gold on a plate an empire state

Go re-negotiate your moolah maker

Don’t let that power break ya

As cool as glass

Got style got sass

Got style got so much sass sass sass


Verse 2:

This one is so fine

A sure shine

Don’t go outta time

This one’s got cool class

Got high hats

It’ll make you mine


Repeat pre-chorus

Repeat chorus



Get on the floor and shake it

Only way you’re gonna make it

Don’t you slip up and don’t break it

Break that style

It gives me love and I take it

Can’t wait to anticipate it

Just one shove and I can’t fake it

Fake that smile


Repeat chorus



As cool as glass

Got style got sass

So cool with class

Got style got sass

Go satisfy and sassify your movie maker

As cool as glass

Got style got sass

C’mon don’t pass

Go shake and shake and shake and shake cos it won’t break ya

Angie Kuske · 1346 days ago
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Got Style Got Sass