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Glory Bound



When I take my final rest

I’ll be at my best

lay me down, I won’t be round for long.

I’ll hear the angel’s horn

once again I’m gone

in the blink of an eye, I’m headin’ home.


Burn me up and bury me down

six feet under solid ground

once I’m under I’ll be over

a lifetime gone astray.

Won’t be coming back

I walk a one-way track.

I won’t be back to town, I'm gone away.


The train who’s glory bound

slowly rollin’ through the town

the engineer has cut his engine

where she’s slowin’ down.

Ridin’ soundly on the rail

of the gospel trail

I won’t be back to town, I’m gone away.


No ticket, no fare,

walk the line and hang in there.

“All aboard! We’re on our way

praise the Lord” is all you say.

Not comin’ back to town

this train I ride is glory bound

I won’t be back around, I’m gone away!

Dutch Knickerbocker · 259 days ago
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Glory Bound