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Get out

This world is changing
Day by day
Every game you play

Roads long and winding
Far and wide
Keep on reminding
What you can find

Don't save your best
For when it starts to rain
Get it all off your chest
Throw your fears away

Do what you want
What you need to be
It's time to let go
and set yourself free

Get out
Take the ride of your life
Get out
Spread your wings and fly

Get out
Get behind the wheel
Get out
Take in all you see

Cause it's all there waiting
Waiting just for you
Don't stand there waiting
What are you going to do

Yes it's all there waiting
Outside your door
Turn the handle
What are you waiting for

Get out
See what you can find
Get out
Read the warning signs

Get out
Go and make your move
Get out
Try to raise the roof

Get out
Catch the morning sun
Get out
Go and have some fun

Get out
Keep the dream alive
Get out
Do what you think is right

Ian Clark · 317 days ago
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11.12.2019 (317 days ago)
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Get out