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From My Kitchen Window

From my kitchen window, I stand and watch for hours.

I’ve a lovely little garden full of butterflies and flowers.

I watch as they are dancing to a tune I’m unaware,

It must be a symphony that only flowers hear.


The purple ones are holding hands with blue ones and with reds.

They’re dancing around a sunflower with seven yellow heads.

I’ve been watching her all summer, counting as she grows,

She’s taller than the other ones and taller than my nose.


I want so much to keep her safe when the summer’s gone.

I bought her seven hats to wear and scarves to keep her warm.

I gave her woolen mittens for when it starts to snow

And I wished my biggest wish that she would blossom and she’d grow.


When snow came down and buried her I prayed she’d be okay.

I hoped that she’d still be in bloom when winter went away.

When it finally did! The winter went away and hid!

The birdies sang their Springtime song 

I knew Summer for sure would follow along.


I went to find my sunflower yesterday at dawn,

I found her hats and mittens and her scarves, but she was gone!

I looked under the bushes and I searched over the ground

Everywhere I hoped she’d be, my friend would not be found.


Then something caught my eye as I was bent upon my knees,

Seven lovely shoots of green popped above the weeds.

Could these be baby sunflowers?  I think they might be.

Could my friend, my sunflower have planted them for me?


I cared for them all summer and they grew big indeed!

Although my sunny friend was gone she left me with her seed!

My wish to keep her could not be the way I thought it would,

But the gift my friend gave to me is several times as good.


Natures’ own example and what she did for me

Has opened up my eyes, now I’ve a wiser way to see.

The gift that is the dearest,

The gift that never ends,

The most wonderful things that we can do

Are the things we can do for friends.


Dutch Knickerbocker · 390 days ago
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From My Kitchen Window