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(Tia Colborne)


I want to walk down the dusty road in July,

Dirt all stuck to my face and chest and neck.

I want to walk across the rippling meadow

And when we zoom out, I’m the only speck.



Don’t lock me up,

I’m free.

My soul, my mind, my body,

Meant to be free.


When I was a child I’d play in the field for the summer.

Daddy call to me from the porch

‘Don’t skin your knee, you’ll tear your dress’

No regrets, no remorse, happy thoughts and skin sun-scorched



I need my space.

I am free.

I need my time,

to be free.


Now here we are, months have passed,

We’re stuck stewing nightly in this room.

You and me, the captor and the captee

In this tiny apartment-prison marred in gloom



We’ve got to move,

Let’s be free.

I’ve got to move.

Let me free.



How’d we get here in this city, in this country, in this stalemate?

We need to see each other, open the latch and release the flood gate.

There are questions to be answered and we have lives that we’re not living.

Let’s move beyond this, take my hand, its my confidence I’m giving.


Let’s do this now, before it gets too late.

I’m pushing, you are pulling, but we’re grinding to a halt

Let’s end this tug of war, stop the madness.

I’m not saying it’s your fault!



Set the table, pour the milk,

Cook , clean and wash away the guilt.

Pack the bag, load my case.

I don’t want to walk away from what we’ve built.



Yes I’m leaving, will you come?

It’s time to be free.

I’ll go without you, that’s not my want…

I want to be free…

with you.

Tia Colborne · 1479 days ago
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