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Magnetized (2015)

Dare I smile when you are near?

To get too close is my deepest fear                 

Nonchalance is the mask I wear

But deep inside I truly care


Our shoulders brush and then I freeze

It drives me crazy; you’re such a tease                           

The way you move, the way you dance

It puts me in this strangest trance



With you I crave that subtle touch

This inner heat becomes too much

I walk away to catch my breath

‘Cause distance leads to sudden death


Are you aware of your gravity?

These hidden walls are a tragedy             

I can’t help but be magnetized

By the passion in your eyes


Pull me close, why don’t you please?

And put this heart of mine at ease                          

But then again, it’s not my call

You might not feel this way at all


Repeat chorus x 2



Now I want your body near

To say the words I long to hear           

Whisper to me and I’m yours

Let’s start a fire behind closed doors


Repeat bridge, then chorus x2

Lynn Goh · 1080 days ago
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Magnetized (2015)