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Fossil brain

Days turn like pages
Fading to blank
No happy ending
Nothing in the tank

No way if knowing
Who lost and who won
The battles been lost
Before it's begun

Stagnating through time
In the sun and rain
Life set in stone
Rolled up in pain

Your course mapped out
Against the grain
These living breathing souls
With fossil brains

Stuck in a rut
Stuck in a time 
Cant find the reason
Can't find the rhyme

No moving forward
No moving back
Towing the line
Staying on track

Stand still so long
Who knows who to blame 
Time takes a toll
In a world gone insane

Plans for the future 
Somehow stay the same
They walk a lonely road
In the same old game

Making it a mission
To adapt to change
Boundaries get set 
But always out of range

Safe in the knowledge 
You won't stray too far
Hang onto the lifeline
Tied around your heart

Ian Clark · 305 days ago
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11.22.2019 (305 days ago)
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Fossil brain