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For better or worse

Have you got what you want
Have you got what you need
Can you see it fall into place
To help you succeed

Do you know the way
Have you seen the light
Are all the answers you’ve heard
Keep you awake at night

Take a look about
See whats going down
You never know what hits you
until you turn it around

Open up your eyes
take off your disguise
soon you’ll find out something good
to your surprise

Does the road ahead
Always seem too small
Whenever you think you’re somewhere
You hit another brick wall

Have you got what it takes
When the stakes are raised
Put you’re money where your mouth is
You may be amazed

Have you heard the news
Do you know the score
A little is never enough
You always want some more

Can you save the day
Come and steal the show
Put all your eggs in one basket
And watch them overflow

For better or worse
You’ve got to take the ride
try to stay on course
and hold on tight

for good or bad
you’ve got to last the pace
a show of all your hands
till the end of the race

Ian Clark · 331 days ago
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11.01.2019 (331 days ago)
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For better or worse