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For all that it's worth

Sometimes I get so engulfed
In my loneliness
Inside a world that doesn’t
Make much sense
I’m finding it hard to make it on my own

I get camped on the doorstep
Of wilderness
With no hint of justice
Running to my defence
I might as well face the music all alone

So it’s on we go
It’s on with the show
Wrapped up in each other
Cause we’re lost in our own world

Well what do you know
We go back and forth
Holding onto what we’ve got
for all that it is worth

Stuck with a millstone
Around your neck
The choices that you make
Never come direct

You only make things
A little harder for yourself

You’re out on a limb
With your cross to bear
You only face the truth
When it’s standing there

The answers you are looking for
Are normally somewhere else

Sometimes I wake up
With the clouds around my head
The thought of moving on
Fills me up with dread
I’m slowly running out of things
That I should say

I’ve been wading in and out
Of my insecurities
While deferring every right
To grow out of maturity
It’s the only game I know
How to run away

Ian Clark · 323 days ago
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11.01.2019 (323 days ago)
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For all that it's worth