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Flowers by the roadside


2018       Flowers by the Road side.

Flowers by the road side and-flowers on one more grave

Someone driving carelessly with another life taken away

Drinking and drugs causing those heartaches for those now left behind

And yet every day there appears that craziness forever all the time

So another glass of Whisky and then taking some kind of drug unknown

And getting behind the car wheel while they are completely stoned

And then showing off to a friend or two-more drunks in the car

Travelling far too fast around every corner-but not getting very far

For two strangers they were walking-and suddenly their lives were none

So that drinking, drugs and driving did not turn out to be so much fun

For two more lives were now over and they were only in their early teens

And now for that young couple-there won't appear anymore dreams

Because through that stupidity of that driver so-high on drugs and drink

Two more lives were now lost because that driver just did not think.

So two families will now suffer without their daughter and their son

Because stupidity it played its part-and now their lives are done

And there's never any real justice-no matter how many lives are taken away

And for so many people that it happens to there are really no words that they can say

For in every new tomorrow for them there is just those heartaches to now appear

Because of drugs, drinking and driving-they can no longer hold their loved ones near.

Rod Orchard · 894 days ago
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Flowers by the roadside