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Finding Earth

Hush my darling

Wipe your tears away

I swear I’m coming soon

I’ve run into some complications

It’ll take a little longer

Tell my boy I’m proud of him

And tell my girl that she’s my everything


I cannot see the Earth from here

I’m floating in a void

Where there’s nothing but black and stars

I haven’t slept in days

For the oxygen is running low

I cannot risk to fall asleep

I have to see my family once again


Please my dear can you hear me?

I need to know that you’re there

I can’t hear you now I’m compromised

The ship is falling fast


I’ve found the world my love

It’s beautiful

There’s water and plant life everywhere

And it seems that life would be sustained

Now coordinates have been sent

It’s time for me to finally go home


What have I done?

How can I go?

When you know you can’t keep on

Don’t leave me now

It’s gotten dark in space

I’m running from something

I think I hear the engine crack

There’s not much time

The stars explode in great divide

Can anybody save me?


Darling can you hear my calls to you?

I’ve not much time

The ship has stopped

The lights are out

There’s nowhere I can go

I don’t think I have much longer left to live

I will miss you more than you would ever know

The kids are in my heart and prayers

Please do not forget me

Please do not forget

Please do not forget

Please do not forget

Please do not...

Taylor Torres · 1700 days ago
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Finding Earth