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Finally Got a Clue

(Verse 1)
My mama told me never trust a woman, or a fake friend
She said it's your day ones, who are with you in the end.
keep your families close to your heart and pray to God you don't drift apart
cuz the people who actually care, are rarely seen
While the rest are focused on drugs, and lean
But Don't let that negativity affect your spirit
Put your head on my chest That's my heartbeat, You feel it?
You make me so fuckin nervous I hate it
and every picture you send me, I save it.
I hope You don't regret what we did last summer like a face tatt
Cuz this thing we have, this shit go way back.

It's taken all this life I've lived, to finally get a clue.
You gotta actually struggle up the mountain to enjoy its view
No matter the amount of hoes you think you got
They're going to do nothing for you, when you stuck in a rut. (X2)

( Verse 2)

I just want to see you happy
I never want to leave you alone
Cuz even if you're unhappy
You would never tell me so
You would just look right at me
And tell me you're going home
And that shit eats right at me
Cuz I know you're not alone

This shit have to be temporary or is that all we wanted it to be
we don't want to love in today's world we just wanna let it be
we just want to pretend like we don't care about each other
When deep down we know it hurts like no other
When they use you for their pleasure
and leave you in the dust with any sign of pressure
These bitches coming at me like my name Shaquille
Rebounding enough to fucking kill
The spirit of any fuckin man
With shit like this, there is no plan
It's too late I'm already addicted, to the ecstasy she has prescripted

Blake Townley · 750 days ago
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Finally Got a Clue