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Fifth Amendment

Fifth Amendment 

I'm taking the fifth amendment. 

Not gonna answer does questions. 

It's a fifth amendment priviledge. 

Not gonna self incriminate myself. 

It's my constitutional right you see. 

I'm taking the fifth amendment. 

This is my call for free born rights. 

I have the right to remain silence 

It's written under the bill of rights. 

I want to know who read me my Miranda rights 

Musical Interlude 

I'm taking the fifth amendment 

Not gonna take this anymore. 

I'm not gonna take it sitting down 

Not gonna take it without a fight. 

I'm taking the fifth amendment right now. 

I'm taking the fifth amendment 

I'm taking the fifth. 

© Copyright Feb 7th 2016 

10:30 P.M. All Rights Reserved 

Larry Gordon Killam (SOCAN/ASCAP) 

;)Yrral MallikWink 

Larry Killam · 2183 days ago
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Fifth Amendment