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Faultless Interior

If ever you're pushed to the outermost edge, or the stress and fatigue are demanding control
If you take a deep breath and it has no effect, and the constant commotion has restricted your soul
I'm here to eradicate all of this strife, to capture and vanquish the unrelenting disputes
I'll be there to comfort your downtrodden thoughts, until instead of drums clashing you only hear flutes

It's obvious that you have beauty outside
You still emit sunshine even after you've cried
But I'm here to share this one fact that is true
You're gorgeous inside, and that's why you are you

In every angle of space in and out, the storm clouds will try to invade and take hold
With crashes of lightning and pouring of rain, all the blue and the black will attempt to be bold
I will use all my strength to send light through the storm, to turn the blue to an orange and eliminate black
After all it's what you do for me all the time, and the least I could do is to favor it back

You're perfectly made and of this I am sure
If the eyes become sore you are there with the cure
Your radiance beams from every which way
And your faultless interior completes the array

You're stunning one hundred percent of the time, and by far you're the one that I need to be near
I cannot explain how you do what you do, but please keep it up and we'll keep out the fear
You don't need to worry about the small things, we can conquer them all like we've done all along
If we stay by each other we'll keep out the gloom, you and I will be one and we'll never go wrong

I'll always adore you and that is a fact
Your brightness won't fade and your grace is exact
Your looks will be shown for the people to stare
But your faultless interior will also be there

Brent Johnson · 38 days ago
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Faultless Interior