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Fake world

With a mushroom cloud
Hanging over your head
Sometimes you wish
You’d be better off dead

tugging and warring
Fussing and fighting
Pushing and pulling
Vicious back biting

It goes straight to your head
Sometimes you wish you were dead

In a fake world
Nothing makes much sense
Fake world
Build up your defence
Fake world
Where the plot has been lost
Were all praying with our hands tied
And all our fingers crossed

And when a wall street crash
Tries to wipe you out
every mood turns red
You want to scream and shout

smashing and grabbing
Toing and froing
Constant back stabbing
hot air blowing

It leaves you in no doubt
What we’re all about

In a fake world
Where nothing is real
Fake world
You don’t know how to feel
Fake world
every table gets turned
We all pay for the same mistakes
Will we ever learn

as political landscapes
never cease to change
We can all see a future
That will Remain the same
Taking one step forward
ten steps back
the pressure keeps mounting
Till you hear the crack

Some things will never change
To some its all a game

In a fake world
It all feels like a dream
fake world
nothings what it seems
fake world
every line’s been drawn
all the hopes you ever wished for
gets rejected and withdrawn

Ian Clark · 335 days ago
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10.31.2019 (335 days ago)
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Fake world