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Face the Music

No one seems to want to

Stop and face the music.

They hide deep in the shadows

When trouble heads their way.

When answers are illusive

And problems seem intrusive

People face the music in different ways.

Some choose to shut their minds

And hide their heads deep in the sand.

Hoping if they don’t think

Things won’t get out of hand.

Others have a need to know

Each and every minute detail

Cover every option.

Deal with it they say.

We are all the entire sum

Of each moment of our lives.

There’s no wrong way to handle it.

There is no perfect right.

What’s good for one of us

May not be good for another.

Have respect for every difference

And respect for each other.

Be ready to help all those

Who just can’t help themselves.

Ask for their permission

To take the problem down off the shelf.

Tell them you’ll take care of it

So they don’t have to worry.

Do the best that you can do.

Take your time and never hurry.

View it as a challenge

A worthy one to face.

Just another milestone

For the human race.

Life’s a series of steps

That we have to overcome.

So smile and pray for wisdom

Until the job is done.

Adam Willey · 1806 days ago
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10.18.2017 (1806 days ago)
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Face the Music