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Everything Stays

I can’t see what’s making you hurt

But I can’t come out to play

Father told me to keep to myself, but…

How can I keep away from you?

I didn’t want to believe it was true

That you would pull your hair back and accept your payment

And while I’m sitting in this apartment alone

I search the sky for a glimpse of you


When I’m out and on the street

There’s a bitter wind that’s bustling

I never seemed to catch your eye

But mama said that you caught mine


And I had left town to find my new home

I tried to say bye but you never really listened


Let’s go walk in the Pasteur

The green grass and shining sun

But where were you then?


Everything stays in the long dreadful wilderness

It’s all the same just how I remember

Now I have moved on from this little town

But all that’s contained has never left its side


Yesterday I looked and saw you there

You stood in the door of that old ice cream shop where we used to play

Tomorrow I’ll look back to see you still there

But yesterday’s memories are one’s I can’t bare

You sat in the forest and looked to the sun

The hunters they packed up their gear and moved on

But all of the animals hid in their dens

Were they just mesmerized by the fear in your heart?


I tell you that tomorrow is another day of hope

But you had given up your hope so long ago


But everything stays

But everything changes

Perhaps this was not the life to believe in

Will stars fall down from the sky?

Enchanting the young and despising the wise

Everything stays

It’s all the same

This town and its people the roads and the rivers

They call out for more but find themselves crying

For what is the point when it all seems it’s hopeless

Cause everything stays and everything changes

Where were you the night that I left you for good?

Everything changed when I chose to leave

But everything stayed the same for you

How do you feel?


Everything stays

Everything changes

Won’t you remember those words that you said?

What is love? And what is forever?

Please won’t you tell me? I’m dying to know


Taylor Torres · 2684 days ago
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Everything Stays