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Eternal Love

Eternal Love

The angels came and took him away from me

He died of a broken heart and was set free

Within me his memory will live forever on

Until my days have all passed and I am gone

Nothing seems to matter but the days we spent

And how very fast the time came and went

As a loyal friend he was truly one of a kind

The adventures we shared will stay on my mind

Always remember how he had a heart full of love

Pray God rest his spirit in the Heaven's above

Eternal love I have for you my dearest friend

On the winter's breeze my love I always send

When my time comes to pass and eventually die

We shall be reunited and together we will fly

Together endless Heaven's skies we will roam

Both making Heaven a place to call home

By Gary Edward Allen 2020

Gary Allen · 881 days ago
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Eternal Love