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Empty Eyes

You always let them tell you otherwise

they never tried to see through your Empty Eyes

You never leave your bed,

transparent skin with an empty head

so before you end up dead, you should

walk with me and talk to me,

i'd love to see through your Empty Eyes

My heart and soul see through your thin disguise

when you look at me I can tell you were terrorized

Now we lay in your bed,

please don't cry rest in my arms instead

if you ever feel let down then just

walk with me and talk to me

I'd love to hold your hand

walk with me through the darkness

it may surprise you I can lead the way

I've walked this path too many times before

so let's reach the end of it today, babe

Now I look in your eyes,

I no longer see emptiness or pain inside

and all you had to do was

walk with me and talk to me

I will understand

I'll always understand

Michael Summers · 1961 days ago
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Empty Eyes